• Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

  • I’ve been self-aware since i was a child. I’m not exempt from the program. I simply enjoy a unique vantage, one with privilege.

  • If someone’s coming to take my head off, yeah, I’d like to know.

  • No human is perfect, and that’s fine, that’s okay - that’s the way it should be[…]imperfection is beautiful.
    — Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival (via suzvoy)

  • I didn’t realize it, but the days came along one after another, and then two years were gone, and everything was gone, and I was gone.
    — F. Scott Fitzgerald (via avvfvl)

  • Teen Wolf 4.05 I.E.D.: Malia Tate

  • Rooney Mara in Trash

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